3 Dogs Beaches within an Hour of South Bend

1. Central Beach - Michigan City

There is a small parking lot at the end of Central Road. On the West end of the parking lot there is a sand trail leading to the beach on the East side of the parking lot there is a paved path that leads to the beach. Both paths lead to the same place.  It is a little bit of a hike but the beach backs up to high dunes which creates a natural fenced in area.  This beach seems to be primarily well known as being a dog beach so as long as your dog is well behaved no one seems to mind if you let your dog off leash.

2. Warren Dunes State Park

Yes, the Warren Dunes has an area of the beach sectioned off for dogs. Once you are in the Dunes area parking lots head to the north end of the northernmost parking lot. There is a fence that leads that separates the people beach from the dog beach. Follow that fence line. As Warrens Dunes is obviously a popular beach, so is the dog beach. Dogs are not normally allowed off their leashes and there are typically lots of dogs, so if your dog needs space from other dogs, this might not be the beach for you. 

3. Grand Mere State Park

Looking for a hike that leads to a beautiful secluded beach...look no further.  You have to be ready for a hike, not a walk on the beach, but a hike. This beach is a little harder to find. Follow Google directions to Grand Mere State Park. When you are Thornton Drive that the first right down a gravel road. That road dead ends at the parking lot for the beach. From the parking lot you will see the bathroom area, head towards the bathrooms and you will be on the trail which starts as a paved trail. Follow that trail, you will pass a picnic pavilion, keep on going, walk until the paved trail ends, then head up. The paved trail ends at a small sand dune which you promptly hike up. The sand trail is fairly well worn, follow the footprints up and down a few small dunes, within 5-10 minutes of hiking you should come over the top of a dune and see the beach. It is beautiful and makes the hike worth it. It can be hard to find the parking lot, it is about a .5 to .75 mile hike over dunes, and all those things make for a fairly quiet and gorgeous beach. Since this beach is so secluded and a treasured secret of dog parents, as long as your pup is we behaved it is common to see dogs off leash.